Tico S Anti Vibration

TICO S is an industry-leading, high-performance anti-vibration material, designed to reduce vibration and noise in machinery and equipment for a range of industries including Construction, Heavy Plant & Machinery, Engineering, Aerospace and the Energy sector.

The material is manufactured from carefully selected cork particles, blended with Neoprene and Nitrile elastomers, resulting in a highly durable material that can effectively dissipate and absorb high levels of vibration. TICO S is resistant to wear and tear, able to withstand extreme temperatures and environments, remains stable in many atmospheric conditions and is suitable for outdoor use.

You can purchase TICO S Anti Vibration Mounting material below, sold in standard lengths of 1200mm, a choice of widths from 50mm to 1200mm and thicknesses ranging from 6mm to 25mm. We also offer TICO S/SH Shimming, a thinner material designed to fill small variations in level and to aid the performance of TICO S.

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