Tan Shotblast Rubber

Tan Shotblast Rubber, also known as Para Natural or Pure Gym, is a synthetic elastomer specially engineered to withstand extreme abrasion and impact. The material is designed to be used as a protective component in shot blasting, the process of using high-pressure air or centrifugal force to properly abrasive materials at a surface to remove rust, paint or contaminants.

The material is manufactured from a blend of natural latex, synthetic rubber and various other agents such as silica, fabric, nylon or even steel to enhance its inherent properties. Although renowned for its excellent abrasion resistance properties, Tan Shotblast Rubber also offers a high tear strength, resilience, and chemical resistance to oils, solvents and acids.

We offer Tan Shotblast Rubber sheets available to buy online in a range of thicknesses from 3mm to 10mm, standard widths of 1400mm and any length from 1 metre to a full 10-metre roll. For smaller projects, explore our Tan Shotblast Rubber Pads in A3, A4 and A5 sizes. We can source other Shore A hardness Tan Shotblast Rubber upon request, as well as manufacture bespoke products and components to your specifications.

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